Dominican Republic

3 stars for the Be Live Resort Punta Cana is a bit much. More like 2 1/2 stars
The food was surprising decent. The people in the airport had too much attitude for me, they were too pushy.
The resort was ok the entertainment was struggling. The front desk men were haters. They charge for internet. They charge for a room safe they charge for room service. They charge they charge they charge!
The first room was dirty. The second was occupied an the third was finally okay after waiting for 2 hours. They harass you sometimes with the sale people in the resort. The gym was the best place on the resort.
If you must go- don’t go there. But I you do get the higher scale room. Watch out for the tourist there. They have no tact or respect. They walk in the middle of the side walk they cut you in the buffet line and they never say excuse me. I was told they were mostly Russian. The B live resort is a place that I probably would never go again in life nor would I suggest to any of my friends or family they should go there Skip be live resort find another, five star and go there if you don’t have children you don’t choose this location because it is better if you have an adults only resort.travelersrodandcarla

Hello world! We are P.A.R.C.

People Against Religious Control

We are P.A.R.C.. We are a newly formed organization designed to help humanity and divest ourselves of the divisive methods and dogma religion uses to seperate, control, and manipulate humanity. Our dreams are to make the world a place that cares about humans for huanity sake. We dont want religion in the world. We believe it destroys people’s ability to confront everyday isues with a clear and concise mind. It distorts perspective and anihilates responsibilty for wrong doings in the name of god. It is our aim to help those in need. Not for the purpose of going to heaven. Rather for the making of heaven on earth. We are here. We cannot be stopped and we do it for your sake and our future generations sake. We will travel and help the needy. We will accumilate persons and resources to aid our goals. We will biuld not destroy. We…

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Eiffel Tower

Traveling Paris can be daunting if your not used to subways. But if your with several people its more fun and cheaper to take the tube. The cost is less than 2€ each person and the bus is 2€ each person. Always validate. Don’t carry purses without zippers because its too easy for the pickpocket to steal from you. I suggest the waist wallet. Not fanny pack but the one that tucks under your shirt. We didn’t walk around much at night because someone did try to snatch a purse on the subway one day but he got peppered lol. Always have two maps and always buy your tickets at information counter because they have directions. Even if you think you know ask again and circle it.











Ivry Sur Siene

Hey there beautiful people. We are still in France. We are enjoying reflecting on this summer trip. Europe has been interesting. There is still much more to see but we must return at the moment to begin a off grid community project. Of course anyone who knows me knows my obsession with shipping containers. If you have one for sale in Georgia USA let me know. We have been spending our days hanging out doing homework and visiting the local shops. We don’t speak French but the people don’t get mad at us like they did in Barcelona.
The apartment we are in we rented from It has short term and long term. Besides the usual laid back attitude about everything it has been pretty cool place to collect our thoughts and prepare for the coming months in the states. We will be posting lots more pics in Paris as the days wind down here. We are going to spend our last days doing tours.! Yaaay! Bon jour







The hipsters are in Paris!

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Soooo we got off of Ryan Air elated to disembark. We landed at the airport in Beauvais two hours later. Make sure you have at least 100 euro so you can buy food at Pans in the airport in Barcelona. Ryan air offers their people nothing and charge you for a cup of water. So please have money. When you get to France if you arrive in Beauvais you will buy bus tickets for approx 14€ each to ride into center city. There are taxi and a mall across the street.
Ask any questions and we will try to answer. We stayed at Modern Hotel . I won’t say a lot about them except they were very friendly an helpful but the hotel was under construction